Sunrise in Seabright 2012

Sunrise in Seabright 2012

Like so many, Linda Chorney and Michael Ghegan were profoundly impacted by Hurricane Sandy:  Linda as a long-time resident of Seabright, and Michael as an ever-present fixture on the town's stages, beaches and waves.  The storm washed away many lifetimes' worth of memories and dreams, leaving only uncertainty and devastation.  Soon, however, Linda's and Michael's grief over the destruction transformed to gratitude for the kindness and the strength of the many who came from near and far to help.  Humbled and grateful, Michael and Linda joined together to give back to the community that had given them so much.

The result was Bright Sea, a song celebrating the Jersey Shore's generosity and resilience with the unwavering conviction that its towns are "gonna rise" once again.  The song itself is born of the community:  Linda's heartfelt vocals and Michael's soulful sax, keyboard, bass and drums are joined by fellow New Jerseyans Lo Kloza and Lisa Sherman on vocals, Mike Firios on trumpet and Ralph Notaro on guitar.

Michael and Linda were honored to debut Bright Sea at the tree lighting ceremony for Seabright's first responders, hosted by VH-1 and Train, and Michael proudly performed the song again at the Santa for Seabright benefit held at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank. 

TO BUY BRIGHT SEA ONLINE, CLICK HERE.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Seabright Rising.